Kim Dot Com Bitcache Announcement

This is huge and what is unclear from Kim’s announcement is where the files will be stored.

I hope the MaidSAFE folks are reaching out if not already working with Kim - this is a marriage made in Heaven!!!

Please make it happen!

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Announcement on Twitter:
QZ article:

I would love to see MU2 as the first killer App using maidsafe/safenetwork!

Maidsafe are building incredible tech and Kim knows how to get that tech into the hands of a lot of people quickly. Privacy, security, freedom… come on Kim, get on board the SAFE train!

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I’m on that train :wink:

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Lets hope it is in the works…

Just not sure since in the video he seems to indicate that BitCache will handle the encryption and says can be implemented on WebSites wanting to collect micro payments for digital content. Perhaps the solution has no need for an encrypted file storage and handles encryption of file setting anywhere…

I dunno I get the feeling he is trying to give the impression that his system is complementary and/or using other systems so as not to get them offside and/or as competitors before his system is up and running.

It would seem that SAFE will do all the useful things his system will do without the expense of making him rich again.

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I think the big problem for megaupload 2 and mass adoption is the fact that very few people hold bitcoin. It is and will continue to be a pretty big barrier to entry, and one he didn’t suffer with megaupload 1 when he had 150M users.

Now if you could get your coins for free just by leaving your machine on, then perhaps you could get everybody and their mum using it :wink:

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