Killer App Installs SAFE Network

Say Crypto Kitties ran on SAFE. Would it be possible that when my grandmother decides
to breed Crypto Kitties and downloads Crypto Kitties it automatically checks for SAFE Network
and if not downloads and installs in the background.

And then also make this whole proces as streamlined and integrated as possible?

This would be awesome.

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Well for “granny” to be wanting to download and not have SAFE client, then it means she is on the old internet.

So all that needs to be done is have the client download button as the download, since downloading an APP at that point is pointless. So maybe we can have the client download/install button chain another download which is the APP. Thus only one click.

If she somehow has the client from previously, then the install just moves onto the APP download/install.


I should think so. Granny may have to click a few prompts, but it could certainly be part of the new app flow.


Yes. Thats my point. The transition from old to the SAFE Network should be as smooth as possible.
And curious and unwashed masses should not be bothered to much. They should be dreaming about Kitties.

So what I meant to say was in her experience she downloads the Crypto Kitties app,
the button could actually check for SAFE. If SAFE is not installed it doesn’t prompt to do this
first. It’ll say ‘getting app’ and in the background getting Crypto Kitties too.
Say’s 'Installing Kitties and to keep your prized Kitties, sign up [ your best email ].
Let her play first. Then she sees her email with account data - she is asked to change.

Exactly. Few prompts as possible. The true viability from the network comes from the masses that are not
tech savvy by far…

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Trojanizes old internet itself. But a one way valve.
They’ve wandered into a parallel universe but don’t know it.

Heaven and Hell have been married in the most unobtrusive way. Some might scream about the ethics but this is using the same hardware just using it right. Suddenly there is privacy, security and freedom. What, someone was tricked into empowerment? It happens already as people navigate from one broken section of the clearnet to the next. Itln this case it is breaking enclosure and parasitic uses of the net, but that is great and part of competition.

Multiple personality model. Suddenly the toxic personalities are full of invisible triggers that shift back to the healthy personalities.

“In fact, in simply knowing the experience of being aware, without realising it we step out of the mind and body, and therefore we step out of time and space”(R.S)

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Great idea, you could have some kind of “SAFE inside” trademark. People create SAFE credentials only the first time that they use this app and learn that they can use the same credentials with each and every other app that says “SAFE inside”.


I see some nice slogans around this…

  • Safe Network - one sign-in to beat em all

  • Safe Network - the sign-in of change

  • Safe Sign-in - the last password you’ll ever need

Point is, a single sign-in / one password for everything is a big plus for users worried about security and struggling with multiple accounts.


Very true! It will render password services like Keepass practically useless. Only reason I never make use of these services is that I don’t trust them with all my passwords…


I got a little inspired


Wow nice!

20 char…

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Very nice. :slight_smile:

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Very interesting. Text could be larger so as to make it easier to read.

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GREAT! Another suggestion: “One Password To Rule Them All”

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#deletefacebook go SafeNet

Home run. That has some excellent potential variations.

  1. Help links
  2. Open apps
  3. Support teams.
  4. Wallets

And on …

Great job

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@Arcturus - you are a credit to the community! Keep up the great work!