I have a keyboard with querty labels, but use a dvorak layout, if that counts? In other words, it doesn’t type what the button says! :laughing:


Every word I don’t know counts. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t myself but I know people that do.

The number one issue they sometimes have is starting a password entry as text on screen is masked.

You don’t need markings, you tune in to the keyboard. You might do it already where in one terminal shift 2 gives @ and in another " and keys get moved around. I guess I already ignore my keyboard markings.

Maybe i should get an elon brain implant and be done with it.

… also if you have guests that want to check their email… ahaha good luck


That’s a security feature! :wink:


Yeah, it’s not very welcoming. Like having a soundless doorbell or some such.

Keyboards usually have bumps on ‘home keys’ (f & j for qwerty) so you don’t need to look at the keyboard to position your fingers for touch typing. So while my keys are labelled, I don’t have to look. I can slide my two index fingers until they locate those keys and off I go. There’s a home key on the numeric keypad too, in the middle.


Since we’re off topic already, I’ll just ask. Do you guys know of a programmable keyboard with something like LED lights on the keys that you can set to whatever you want?

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Optimus Maximus keyboard or Stream Deck |

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The Optimus Maximus looks interesting, but it seems to require software that doesn’t run on Linux. This makes it useless to me. I also don’t see a simple way of ordering one.

I use a pok3r and it has all that (not all models though but mine does)

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I’m talking about something with programmable keys like this. Do they exist yet?

Ah, I am not sure, I am all mechanical I’m afraid. The PRevious kb had no keycaps and actually, you do type faster.

I like mechanical too, but the main issue for me is switching languages. Not even UK and US keyboards have the keys in the same places. Add Russian, Swedish, and maybe classical Greek to that, and you have a problem. There did those old Greeks stick the pipe key again?

I actually made a keyboard from scratch several years ago. As an emacs user I wanted access to not just CTRL, SHIFT, SUPER, and META, but also HYPER and ALT modifier keys. I also added FN and SYM modifiers to handle weird characters. It is on a grid and can handle 256 different keys and had connectors to add more keyboard panels. I added 3 jacks for for pedal switches but haven’t used those. Custom schematic and pcbs. The keys are all cherry blues. My brother cut the stainless backing plates on a water jet. Hand coding the PS/2 protocol in assembly and writing the low level driver to handle these keys in X11 was quite the adventure. I’d do it differently if I did it again, but it was a fun project


Ok stopped reading right there :smiley: (joking joking, but am I :D)

Wow man, :tophat: off to you. I bet that was a learning curve.


Thanks! It ended up being a lot more complicated than I originally envisioned, but it was worth it.

Haha. All my coworkers use VIM, so I deal with all manner of editor shaming on a daily basis. When I brought this in the joke was that emacs is so broken I was forced to make my own keyboard to fix it :rofl:


Great to discover another shared taste besides privacy. Vortex Keyboards are great, mine is a Core.

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