Just in - FBI "found a way" to open Apple Iphone

I’m very skeptical about this, because the real reason (in my view) for this case was to set a precedent. So even if there’s another way, they would want to continue pushing this. So this is probably an excuse to stop without losing face, for whatever reason?


John Mcafee has spent the last month or so on CNN and on other news networks explaining in enough detail how the FBI could and should be able to crack the phone . giving semi detailed instructions in how to do so.

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While I am also skeptical about that report and agree with @Seneca , I am also skeptical of Apple’s refusal reasons for not assisting.

Knowing Apple’s past performance (and most other big business) it will have been about what the FBI was not offering that brought about Apple’s reluctance. Maybe it was simply a PR exercise on Apple’s part to appease their congregation.


I certainly believe that we shouldn’t exclude the possibility that Apple folded behind the scenes.


He is not someone you should pay attention to for detailed technical information… trust me on that one lol.


based on what information? , don’t get me wrong Mcafee is a pile of shit, But it turned into the huge pile of shit it was after he sold it. He has mentioned many times before that he doesn’t have a clue what the owners have done with it, non the less he was one of the very first if not the first to make a commercial anti virus software to sell to the masses .

The point still stands, “if John Mcafee can explain on live tv how the FBI could very easily access the information off of the apple phone” then either the FBI are full of shit or retarded

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This debate has nothing to do with the data they want from the phone. They already have the data on the NSA servers. This is really about selling the world on the idea that the government should have all the access they feel they need.


Yeah exactly, we saw it in the paris attacks

“the hackers used the encrypted playstation network to plan their attack”

“no wait , it was an encrypted phone”

turns out it was a normal phone with normal messages they just shit at their job


Mcafee explained what he though was a solution but was quickly debunked that it wouldn’t work. I do agree thought its all a load of BS and just an attack on privacy.

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He has offered numerous solutions , i know of 1 that was debunked which is the “social engineering” one

then there is the code that can be read, he suggested it was simple but would infact be many hundreds of thousands of lines of binary code, althou still technically achievable i was reading, and i think also the 4 pin pass code 3 wrong attempts locks it down, creating 10,000 virtual copies of the iphone on a PC and guessing every single possible combination on the virtual machines , or 3,334 if you guessing 3 with each instance

I know he may be blowing smoke up everyones asses , even with the comment about him playing a role in the FBI claiming they might not need it anymore and his role might only include talking on tv, just genuinely curious now and you know more that i.

Public appearances are skewed to make people believe it’s hard to get into phones
or computers , gov agencies can and have access but it is in their interest for you to
believe you’re safe , communicating away your privacy assured by false security …


If they’re on tv, if you read about it in the ‘news’, realize that it is most probably fake, disinfo or not the whole story. The best thing to do is to throw out your tv and stop consuming media that you do not create yourself or that you do not trust. Seems extreme until you actually do it. You realize you never miss or needed the background noise in the first place. Work on solutions (like maidsafe) to ameliorate the problem in the meantime.


These guys: http://www.cellebrite.com/

Interesting …

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The narrative is likely skewed about all this , since years it is known that there are backdoors or ‘flaws’ built into the very Processors , all INTEL have them , and likely also Apple . And what’s in software encryption can be cracked with the latest gear a handful of Three Letters Agencies own , made by the publicly leading firm D-Wave . And very likely there’s much more to this …

The Gov people , statists and other freaks , want us to feel safe
enough to communicate away our privacy ,
of which most is & would be essentially irrelevant to them anyway .

The fundamental issue is to ever grant them access forsaking our privacy in general , this creates a bad environment and abuses and degradations of the very fabric that sustains the different and diverse cultures and economies — it would be absolutely unwise to do so , not only longterm , at any point of the shuffle . They can do it the hard way in the few events that really make the case to proceed that far into individual privacy .

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The US Department of Justice has cracked the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters without Apple’s help – and has abandoned its attempt through the courts to force the company to assist.

We bought ‘a tool’ to hack San Bernandino shooter’s iPhone, confirms FBI chief –