Just curious to see how many people are aware that


… it’s coming home?

:lion::lion::lion: :soccer::soccer::soccer:


I’ll do a McAfee before that ever happens :rooster:

:wink: :smile:


Don’t wanna say it bit it just might be. 1-0 …


Time to build a new home I guess. And one could do a lot worse than live in Croatia to be honest. Some beautiful areas there.


Luckily @beermenow doesn’t now have to eat his bits. Silver linings are hard to come by but we’ll take what we can get


You jinxed it :wink: haha … proud, gutted, but definitely saves @beermenow so hassle so yeah, I’ll take that as a positive :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as you are aware that England lost twice to Belgium :wink:


No, sorry. I’m still unaware of that fact and I always will be.


Fyi: Belgian electronics company Krefel promised customers that bought a new TV in the weeks before the WorldCup, that they’d get them for free if Belgium scored more than 15 goals. They scored 16 in the end. Estimated costs: €1 million.
But they have an insurance for this by a Brittish insurer apparently :laughing:


and we deserved to lose to them too!

I’m not going to sugar coat England… it’s fun to get behind them, but it was a poor showing overall… good for the team, still proud as we did better than we ever should have, but yeah,. 4th is still a little better than we should have been placed without a doubt!


This is amazing. I’m moving to Belgium. Check mate.