Julian assange arrested

It finally happened. Suppose this will speed up current event and again underscores the need for SAFE. The public needs information that isn’t based on lies.


Hoping for the best for Julian. This sort of nonsense promotes self-censorship in a big way IMO and I think this is really the point of the whole process … even if he wins every case governments throw at him - he’ll still be tied up in court battles for years to come. I also hope he’s able to get better attention and care for his health now though than he was getting in the Ecuadoran embassy.


I hope he is able to speak- that is the whole point. Corruption wants to gag him. But shutting people like him up is how we lose our rights and become property.

Conflict in the world is between the PRC and the GOP-Torries-Likud along with the Canadian and Australian equivalents. At least on paper the PRC has a plan to become fully democratic by 2050. At least it recognizes it is not democratic enough. The the opposite is true of its Western opposition in both recognition and intent.

The PRC has said it will have the needed supremacy in the 10 core srategic technologies by 2025 to cement its role as the top power in the world- again by 2025. This means it sees a victor in the AI war by 2025 or about 6-7 years from now. I think the PRC wins. I don’t trust any state but all the GOP and company want to do is take the 99 back to the plantation.

This is a battle over values that will be settled with A.I. (even the narrow sort.) GOP values are an entitled right to exploit and sell people out for money and a belief that its a crime when this processs faces any resistance- a belief that everyone has a price. Those are not values but anti-values not worth fighting for- pretty sure just like in WWII the better scientists get this and will hold out.

Noticed today Panasonic going in the direction of divesting future Tesla production- guessing that is pressure coming from GOP direction and from the pull of China. Looking like May will be out too. Fingers crossed for Corbyn, think if Assange were still in UK when Corbyn got in he’d definitely block extradition.

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12 Months in a UK jail.

Does it feel like they are doing him a favour? Being tied up in the UK legal system, can he be extradited to the US?

Exactly, why does the UK have to bend over for the US, why doesnt it see how shameful this is?

As a US citizen I believe the US should by law be stripped of all secrecy assertions because these are used to cover and promote corruption in a downward spiral. The people who like to think of the US as an empire (essence of corruption) think corruption should be tollerated but that isn’t workable. Right now Pompeo is trying to say there is a connection between Al Qaida and Iran and use that as pretense he is being told he cant just start another petrol bailout war over that tired bs- but what are these Bush people doing back in again(?) us people don’t support them and just as with Trump (selection) didn’t elect them- its more of the US as proxy for mid east states again. Same time there apparently is evidence of collusion and evidence of obstruction where the threshold for both as crimes is merely attempting the act and where each would reinforce the other and yet conflating insane privacy assertions for Trump (most public of public positions) is being conflated with secrecy and being used to override the need for election integrity.

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Soon to be PM Corbyn call for UK to block Assange extradition to the US.

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It seems to me that there are factions in Israel who are working to get the US in a nuclear war with Russia. It looks like Russia responded in the same manner the US has countless times like the US rigging the French election (whether there is success or not its a rigging and a destruction of the public trust) and Russia has had to save the US from destroying itself and the globe before. And ask why was it neccesary for the US to attempt to override the French people and select French leadership? Did the US do this or was the US just a tool in this to the same proxied end of being pushed into nuclear war with Russia over Iran? Seems the US was captured decades ago but incredibly Obama and crew provided a break.
Now Trump as a tool should have been immediately removed after his first racist remark- an awake populace would have done that and still can. But notice what happens when people try to oppose the groups forcefully pushing the globe to nuclear war which will kill off humanity.
Those people are labled antisemetic and are accused of genocidal racism. Given the holocaust see the irony in that. Obama bought Iran the time it needed probably because he learned of how much of a proxy the US had become through obvious false flag garbage like 911 etc. I get that Israel doesn’t trust a neighbor that has stated it is seeking Israel’s destruction or remarks to that effect- but notice the international community ralliee around Iran to prevent unwinnable nuclear war because despite stuxnet etc., it was already too late. The idiotic mid east first PNAC has already failed (look at China look and at the 3rd place US economy and its even lower ethical status and look at even narrow AI, and look at green energy) history has already reached a verdict and assigned a legacy to the terroristic idiots behind the PNAC- they failed by all measures. I am sure they think they are still fighting WWI in their endless war of ends justify the means and lies are virtue and undeserved respect through fear and think they aren’t transparent. But I think the world sees their position clearly and has not only rejected it but does not respect it because means are ends and it is suicide and way too elitest.

But maybe I am clueless or inadequate to really understand. If that is the case part of it may be their messaging because I think its the latent or default position and not far away from the considered consensus among those removed enough to have context.

I really would like to know how big a tin foil hat you wear around.

Doesn’t take a tin foil hat it just takes honesty.

Lets be honest about the GOP and its values in order of priority:

  1. Fossil fuels (like gold but consummable)
  2. The Israeli right
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. F-ing over the American people to the
    point enslavement for the prior 3.

The American people need to permanently remove the GOP and the necons because they are out to enslave the American people- well the GOP and a good 3rd of the DNC the DINOs- DNC cluess middle isnt much better. This removal goal is actually a feasible goal because the PNAC people seem really really stupid and history has already shat upon them and their agenda.

But hey I could be wrong. I could be very wrong. I don’t have all the data and may have too little data, but this is what it looks like from my perspective.

Court response was idiotic- the former charges were just an obvious pretense to extradition. This is like Barr saying its not obstruction if it succeeds. The corrupt are not corrupt if they suceed in silencing people calling for justice. Moronic.

The issue is the US should not have secrets nor be allowed to keep them or enforce them because such practices lead to total corruption and loss of privacy and loss of voice and loss of rights.

He could get 175 years in the land of the free.

Half of what they say is meaningless

but they say it just to jail you