JoyStream rewards seeders for providing bandwidth with micropayments, and this leads to much higher download speeds on all content

Well received so far

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Good stuff.
I look forward to a similar project for Tor relays (there was an altcoin for that, but it crapped out).

Getting paid for providing bandwidth to illegally distribute copyrighted content (the most popular torrented content by far) probably paints a huge target target on your back… It’ll definitely not help you in court. SAFE at least provides IP and data obfuscation and thus plausible deniability.


But note that in the first scenario you’re seeding (and getting paid) whereas in the second (SAFE) you’re posting copyrighted content. (Sure, you may end up farming it as well, but that’s a lottery (and you don’t earn almost anything for the most popular content since it quickly gets cached, whereas competition among seeders may last longer).)

That’s why there’s no plausible deniability (for the SAFE poster) - there is anonymity, though.