Joseph's Safe Websites Project

No, same thing. Left for ten mins, same error.

are you sure? everything is working on my end, maybe close the browser down and load up the website again (don’t click on the buttons while it is loading)

OK -that worked with Check Authentication. But then I get an error when trying to upload a file.

Seems to be working again now. Strange. One thing worth noting though. If you upload a file that’s too large then it seems to break the whole system. You basically have to shut down the browser and start again or you get a ‘could not connect to the SAFE network’ error on authenticating.

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I think that has to do with the safe network and its current limits, not too much i can do about that, sorry

Today was not a good day for this…

But I do wonder if that is something we will have to fix, because we will have these situations when someone is uploading and run out of safecoin. The user decides to not spend more uploading the file or simply has no more coin.

@Viv Is this simply a problem with the testnet restrictions or is it a problem that will be there when the user hos no more coin in the middle of an upload.


This just a testnet restriction on the network, I would say the future safe API will check whether you have enough safe coin to upload a file from its filesize


With safecoin & test safecoin users will be warned well in advance they are running low. There are several ways to do this, a safety buffer (i.e. upload last file but stop) is one, but an app should warn users their balance is getting very low well before they lose space. There is also the possibility of local cache for “unfinished” transactions (I dislike local anything mind you).

Now though would be a good time to test perhaps, so warn, warn again then stop. Problem I see is uploading a ton of files to a directory or something. The client app may need to guess the number of put requests etc.


But of course human nature is to ignore warnings and try to fit it in.

So the question is “Will SAFE (nodes or clients) have problems if a file is partly uploaded and stops because of no more coins?

It will happen and we should have a graceful exit rather than having to restart clients/APPs/browsers


I agree, but it will really be the apps that need to not allow uploads where there is not enough credit. If somebody does a partial transaction for instance they will leave that data in an unknown state until they charge up their account. The apps though will need to inform users and possibly prevent a partial transaction I feel. If an app does not then I think it would be seen as a bad app.

An area we must make app devs very aware of as well. There is several ways an app can do that, but perhaps we should provide a “recommended approach” for this.


@dirvine, I gather then that this is a fault of the demo APPs/browser and not of SAFE itself.

So the simple answer is that its the job of the APP to be graceful.

Excuse my conflating demo apps with SAFE, my excuse is morning coffee is only just now kicking in.


I feel this is the case, but SAFE does need to give the correct hints/API to make this simple for apps to be warned. If they ignore that or do not alert users then it would be their issue. Ah coffee, just about to have another, dunno how many today, but too many for sure :smiley: or is it …


The elixir of life :yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Could live without it, but why. Heart start in the morning, great drink in the day and nitecap before bed, what is there not to like about coffee. And it is an antioxidant to boot.

Its only too many when ones heart starts to palpitate :astonished::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Are you trying to upload the file from the web hosting app? Or did you try creating a sample web app for uploading files? Just trying to understand better to start looking into the cause

I was using Joseph’s web demo app webdemo.jam. I still have 300 PUTs left in my account so I’m not sure that the issue lies with the network or the app. I’ll do some more tests later but this is roughly what happens.

Upload a small jpg - fine
Upload a larger jpg (5MB) -> Message about data being too large
Try again -> Message about cannot connect to the SAFE network

It’s not always possible to reproduce this error. This morning I’m having trouble getting on the network (plus I have to work :slightly_smiling_face: ) but I’ll try again later.


Looking at the code here, that should be the reason for the data being too large error message. MutableData value can not be more than 1 Mb as detailed in the RFC

Am not sure why the browser hangs when there is an issue with an application. This is something which might need to be tested from our end. If you can figure out a scenario to reproduce this issue, please do tag me or @bochaco. We can take a look into the issue.


Ideally, use the ImmutableData API to write to the network and store the datamap which will be returned on calling the close function. Use the datamap and read the data back again while downloading.


I just tried again and that didn’t happen this time, so it was probably a separate issue.

I am planning to do more polls on thursday before the dev update.

I am currently looking for ideas for projects to work on, right now I have a safe web directory, a fully-featured safe file manager, safe tube (a basic public directory for user submitted videos).

Also, I am looking for ideas and features to improve safe chat if people would prefer I stick around a bit to maintain it.

Finally, I would really appreciate if people suggest new ideas for monetisation, currently it is a donation like system with weighted voting on polls (make sure to PM the amount you are sending and what you want to vote on before you send anything).