Joseph's Safe Websites Project

Small update to safe chat, no longer needs to authorise with the browser to view messages. Go here to use new code.

Edit: Everything fixed and no longer needs to manually refresh everytime you send a message


I have closed the polls , I will start working on safe tube now, it is going to be using NFS and it could take some time to do, hopefully before school starts.

There have been a few “advanced testing attempts” on safe chat (if you wish to see for yourself remove the if statement in the the getMessages function)

if (uintToString(value.buf).length < 300 && uintToString(value.buf) !== "" &&
                 parseInt(uintToString(key)) < time && uintToString(key).length === 13 && uintToString(key).substring(0,4) == 1502 )

which is good but there may be some future bugs breaking stuff, as I am writing this all website-breaking messages have been filtered out and there is now a 300 character limit on all messages. Since I’ll be working on safe tube now I’ll have to leave safechat by itself but will try to fix anything broken when I come back to it.

I am also going to be working on docs for the safe API possibly in collabaration with other members of the community as there appears to be momentum gathering for that.


Small announcement safecat no longer needs to have its code pasted into the console just head to safe://safechat.jam and everything should just work, there will be a bigger announcement in a few hours


I will release a new topic going over safe tube when everything is ready, but for now please test out safetube.jam uploading and viewing videos and using the localhost with its github. The safe network website is really slow for me (might be my connection) but the localhost works perfectly.

It turns out the main.js file needs to be copied into the console again to work, copy this in to console like you had to do with safechat. Please let me know if it is working for you.

P.S. It takes time to load and upload


Managed to upload first video no problems. Second video doesn’t seem to have uploaded though.


It might be still uploading, uploading can take a really long time especially if the file is big.
Was the wind turbine your first video?
P.S. please leave everything releated to safe tube in the Vidy release (Joseph's Safe Websites Project) topic


No worries will post in there. Yes the wind turbine was my first video. Good work by the way. Really cool to see these first apps been born.


I will release another poll of safe websites to develop tomorrow before the dev update again (please leave suggestions here), as well as two new threads click here and here for a sneak peak.


If you could add some bells and whistles to the email app that would be cool.


The polls and official release topic of Safe Web Dir is going to be delayed so I can implement a a particular filter, but you can still try it out here safe://ttt.ttt .
I also have decided to rename my released projects safe demo to demoy, safe chat to chaty, safe tube to vidy and safe web dir to listy as there may be some confusion between my projects and @whiteoutmashups great projects which you can see github here (SAFEtube, SecretChat, SAFEdir, SAFE demo app)


Demoy, Chaty, Vidy and Listy will be uploaded and should be working on Testnet 19 after this bug is fixed.


Chaty is uploaded and could be working for you so head to safe://chaty.test .
If you can see a message (try post a message as well) it’s working, if it’s working for you please let me know, my websites aren’t working for me just yet but it might be just my computer.


It seems to work, but it takes a while when starting:



Thank you very much for testing!

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Works for me - and loaded pretty quickly too.

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I uploaded Listy just head over to safe://listy.test. If chaty worked for you then listy should work for you as well. There are no web cards uploaded at the moment so if it works for you please put a link for chaty.test. It’s title should be: Chaty [Test Version]. And it’s description should be: Previously know as Safe Chat. A website built on the Safe network with the ability to send public messages using the safe DOM API, particularly Mutable Data.


Hmm … not so much luck with this one.

Created a new note and tried to upload, but no response.


I was able to go through the procedure to create a safe site via listy, but the site doesn’t seem to be created, because error -103 when trying to surf to it.
Edit: of course this site is about adding an existing safe site to the list, not creating a new one.
But this also doesn’t work for me.

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I think I fixed a bug, could you try it again ? Also the link you give listy needs to be valid or it won’t display

No, lots of errors now. Is it meant to authenticate by the way, because the authenticator did not pop up asking for permission.


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