Joseph's Little SAFE Apps Thread

Just wanted to promote the ever-humble @Joseph_Meagher as he is a very honest new dev, has a good head on his shoulders, flies the MaidSafe flag, learns programming with the SAFE APIs and is another dev of very good character.

His most recent app was well-received, the SAFE Web Demo, and I thought he deserved his own clearly titled thread to release his small apps that showcase different SAFE features with the API. (safe://safedemo.jam)

We really need to appreciate, foster and promote our (few) community app devs that create things with the network, and believe in the network, and will be here for a long time, so this is a thread for his releases, and a thread to overall appreciate what he does because he’s too humble to shout his accomplishments from the rooftops so I thought I’d help with that side of things :slight_smile:

Way to go @Joseph_Meagher and looking forward to seeing more apps and discussing them here!


Thank you very much @whiteoutmashups,
I would like to officially annouce the safedemo.jam website (github here). This website was developed for the maidsafe asia app competition. This website provides a brief overview of some of the Safe DOM API components particularly the mutable data sections. I’ve released a video that gives overview of the website and plan to release another video soon enough that gives a quick rundown of the its main.js file.

I plan to release more small websites that cover the safe DOM API, but school is coming up soon so it may take longer to develop than I would like, but something tells me some members of the community have learnt a bit of patience.
Here are some of the future websites I was thinking about

  • Safe Web Directory
  • Safe Chat
  • Safe File Manager
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Here is a quick rundown of each of the options:
Web Directory would be like an online phone book of safe websites where people can sumbit there website link if they want people to access it

Chat would be like the safenetwork room on riot except only being able to post, it also will probably be anonymous

Web Directory and Chat would be able to share a lot of the same code so after one of them is developed it would be much faster to release the other as they both depend on the ability to append public data, but I am not too sure how to do that or even if it is fully implemented just yet.

Safe File Manager would probably be the quickest to develop and be a much more UI focused and friendly version of the safedemo it would also have the ability to publish websites directly on the safe network instead of having to use the web hosting manager, this is going to make use of the NFS functions which will be changed soon(safedemo was originally going to use them but I ran into some issues) .

The NFS API has been recently enhanced in safe_client_libs, the changes required in both safe_app_nodejs and the safe_app plugin are already merged and going through internal testing. The changes in the NFS API impacted the web-hosting-manager sample application which has also been updated to be compatible with the new NFS API. With this change, DataMaps are now stored as MutableData instead of being stored by the frontend layer as an ImmutableData chunk.

I am going to try and migrate from developing directly for the Maidsafe Asia’s App competitions to a more decentralised approach of developing for the community, this means I will put out a crypto address which people can send maidsafecoins to if they felt like my work (this will probably include the website, a video that goes through it and a rundown of its code) has helped them. I will then try to go give a larger vote on what I develop next (weighted voting) to them as gratitude.

If you have any criticisms, requests, bugs, features or another method of monetisation feel free to let me know.

All the best,


Great stuff Joe! Keep 'em coming. Can’t wait to see whatever wins the vote appearing. Your hard work is greatly appreciated, more more more :crazy_face:


hey @Joseph_Meagher I’m trying to get your project into just one index.html file, so it’s easier to code with on TEST 17, and won’t eat through so many PUTs on all my accounts with its 68 files. Then we could modify it for our first event.

Looking to rip the core functionality out of there and put it all into < script> tags in the index.html. Does it really require the jQuery for the functionality to work? or is that just for the “waves-ent” animation on the buttons?

Will try on my own and get back to you, just wanted a heads up on what would break it or not, thanks.

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jquery is used for the show files (append div function) and the the readastext function to make sure textarea expands for the text given but it isn’t required for anything releated directly to the safe API and there may some workarounds using pure javascript

P.S you can probably get away with deleting the fonts/roboto folder although there might be an error or two on the console

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great thanks I’ve got most of it done, can see on this Github Gist.

Got it down to one file for easy / “cheap” development on TEST 17, for the meetup.

Got the layout, now going to test it and then work with some people on finishing the functionality side of things