'Joke' in bad taste

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Worse things you could be forced into.

Well, rape is rape …

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Ugh, no, not enjoyable. Can we take it a bit easy with such comments? There’s nothing funny about that story, or enjoyable about the position that guy was in.

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Read some of the other stuff on that site and then ask yourself "Did this actually happen?
I’m voting clickbait


I didn’t read it lol, but she looks easier on the body than a spanner attack.

Why so serious?

Clickbait is a serious problem :slight_smile:

If it is made up they could have mentioned something about dogeystyle, although probably not believable enough in combination with the ‘at gunpoint’ :wink:

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Rape is rape and does not matter man or woman has it done to them. Marital rape is real too while I am on the soapbox. Both male rape and marital rape is woefully under reported more so than female rape.

And yes clickbait is a serious problem and using this subject for it is low indeed.


Agree. I don’t mean to virtue signal, but rape isn’t really a topic to joke about.


That would be sad to have jokes only about not serious things. I guess it is human nature to have jokes about everything.

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Jokes about actual cases is the main issue I guess. Little quips might work sometimes, but many people get upset when someone jokes about one of the worse personal crimes there is.

Personally I don’t Judge people making jokes about such things (unless its real personal/horrific to me) since people are at different places as far as understanding, seemingly irrelevant to them, way of coping, or a number of other reasons they joke about such things. Usually people are not trying to be bad when joking about such things, so no need to be upset at anyone. Sometimes though saying our views can help understanding.

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I’m not an animal, I certainly don’t condone rape.
I saved a lass from getting attacked by a guy years ago while out walking the dog before bed, possibly a brass, even so rape is rape.
It was dark humour , nothing else, not appreciated by all by any means, but thats comedy for ya.

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Well put @neo, and I think it is good when people speak out and raise awareness.

Jokes have been used to spread poisonous tropes since forever. I sometimes find myself laughing at them, and if I then recognise what’s hidden underneath it stops me dead. Others will laugh because they recognise them.

Some will just laugh uneasily because others are laughing. That can be used to manipulate because when you do that, you are signing up as part of the club.


And then everyone clapped. Na, comedy is about timing and it’s very situational too. Find something else to joke about as well bro, don’t go for the low hanging fruit. There’s nothing particularly clever about what you said. To me it comes off as sleazy. The way I read it is, something awful happened to someone, and you’re take away is “she’s a bit of alright”. It’s the wrong reaction.

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