Join Web3 Foundation?

More and more projects are joining the Web3 Foundation and the Polkadot ecosystem.

For me it makes a lot of sense to connect to the rest of the world and not sit on an island with some super tech.

What are Maidsafe plans? Or what does the community think of joining Web3 and connecting to Polkadot?

Right now it’s 100% launch and nothing else. Then we can scream and shout. Sounds conceited but I have seen so so many orgs/platforms/collectives and tbh when you get into them they tend to be the very island you thought you had left, only with more voices knowing less about each other. This may not be the same, but I bet it would suck us dry finding out. (don’t mean to sound intolerant at all).

What’s wrong with islands and super tech!!?? Are you going to say chickens are no good next?!

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yes, product and launch first. 100% agree. But we should definitely keep an eye on these new developments. Things are moving fast now in this space with defi, eth2.0 in some time, all kinds of cross platform projects. Everything is starting to connect now. If this is serieus, we should be part of it (some day)
Best tech is not always going to win (you can see this now with Eth and uniswap, everyone still uses this while there are faster and cheaper alternatives like honeyswap on xdai). It’s all about where the (potential) users are

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Chickens are gods. Thanks to their eggs I add vitamin b12 to my diet and I have energy to work for the network in my free time :sascha:


So 2 mods are hijacking this serious topic with chicken spam :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s true, but it’s to let you know the next time you question the importance of hen islands.