Join us in the SAFE cafe #3 on Sunday 3 August at 7pm BST


Like we said, we’re alternating broadcasts. This one should make it easy for Europeans, Brits and Scots to tune in! Here’s the link to the LIVE broadcast:

Safe Cafe #2 was fun and very interesting. We had a great time. If you missed it, no worries, just watch it here:

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by going here:

Tim Coomber @we_advance has agreed to regularly co-host the show w/ me. He’s originally from London but now lives in Scotland not far from Troon. He’s a creative guy who has a knack for seeing the naturalistic systems we already embrace. His vision enables others to see just how empowering the SAFE Network will be to give civilization its much needed ‘reboot.’

Come join us Sunday night for a fun time discussing where we are and what it’s gonna take to pioneer and settle the undiscovered universe of the SAFE Network and how the SafeCoin economy will empower the peaceful, effective and unstoppable 99% Revolution.


Great stuff @dllasoff @chadrickm @we_advance and fellow listeners.

For me the main benefit here was less the content, which was good, not even David’s very entertaining presentation, or his special effects, but seeing and hearing the talking heads. So high five to you three and I look forward to seeing cafe fill up and joining you of course.


I want to see you @happybeing on one of the upcoming SAFE Cafes. You should show us one of your solar powered farming machines and a view from your boat :wink:


Thanks bro!