John McAfee on bitcoin (and cyber security)

Just watching this interesting video. I’d be interested to know if you guys agree with the concerns he raises about cyber security?


I hope McAfee won’t follow through should he lose his bet:

Haha, I didn’t realise it was him that said that

The stuff he says at 3:15 about nation states being able to attack each other is the reason I reckon SAFE will be adopted quite quickly rather than being attacked by govts.

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Yeah I think you are right. There are so many weaknesses to the current system everyone will want to use a safe like system.

If SAFE is up and going with millions of users. Will hackers be able to gain access to someone’s computer and get all the keys needed to regenerate all of that person’s data on the SAFE network?

If they aren’t using 2FA or something that protects a user who’s device has been compromised, yes, because their credentials could be intercepted and stolen.

2FA is not yet implemented but a community member is already working on this, and I expect there will be multiple options in due course.


Thank you happybeing for that information. So identifying if a hacker has compromised your computer is going to be critical. The 2FA I use, only has a numeric 6 digit number. My limited understanding makes me think that could be generated fairly quickly, especially by a hacker. If this is correct, it seems the 2FA will be very important. Could the 2FA use alpha numeric with case sensitive and be a few digits longer? Would that even help? Thanks

It depends whether maidsafe add brute force attack detection to the network, but six digits may be relatively weak. I am not up to date on this, but believe there will be much more secure solutions.

2FA can work with Time (NTP) and thus a new 6 digit code is generated every 30 seconds. The key for the 2FA is too difficult to reverse in our lifetimes. This is what is used on the internet for 2FA by most sites that have 2FA

2FA can also work on a challenge – response where the login screen has a challenge and that is entered into the second device. Then a 2FA 6 digit code is generated and you enter that into the login screen.

The reason why 6 digits is more then enough is that the chances of guessing the code is 1 in a million. Also 6 digits can be retained in short term memory which speeds up the entering of the 2FA

For SAFE there is no reason why we cannot make it 8 or 10 digits, or as you suggest alpha/numeric


Awesome, thanks neo!

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