Jippy Maidsafecoins on Bitsquare.io

See here:

Incase you didn’t know about it, see here:


I’m very excited about BitSquare. Another path to mass adoption…

Depends how on top of development they are and how fast they could patch in a new coin if possible. I’d see if they could include MAID and have them keep an eye out for the release of safecoin.

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It would be great if we could trade maidsafe coin on already functioning decentralised exchanges like open ledger but they just don’t have the liquidity

I have put up my first buy order there. Lets get MAID going there. This exchange seems to emulate SAFE better than anything else out there functional.

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Unfortunately it seems like not many people who have Maidsafecoin, know about it yet. This are the things that make this exchange really exceptionally and a goto use:

  • They don’t hold users funds
  • They can’t go bankrupt, because there is not a company, users can keep paying for software updates if needed.
  • It’s really decentralized and a p2p exchange
  • Legally this software operates in “the safe zone”

Only thing missing imho is 2fa :stuck_out_tongue: