Jerry Obrien: At scale Optical GP Q Computer in CMOS by 2020

So here is a department head at the UK’s Bristol University saying we will have a full scale general purpose optical based (as in no noise) quantum computer using industry standard CMOS tools by 2020. He said this in the world economic forum. No mention of program-ability problems or any of that. I just want to point out that this out because IBM and Google say the same things and just like he does in this video they say the result will be paired to AI etc. I think sometimes people on the forum think quantum computers are an if or a maybe or more than a decade out. That is simply not the state of current rhetoric.

If some people think that this is just a marketing response to DWave’s more limited present result, no that just doesn’t seem to be the case. What we here is no, we know how to do this and we are building this thing right now. Saying you have a quantum hardened system now may be a good way to get on the NSA short list for manipulation but I am just saying the need is there in the vicinity of the launch window. Of course the actual SAFE crew has made clear they’ve been watching this carefully, its just for forum.

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