Jeremy Corbyn's election among top 4 political events in the last 45 years

  1. Fall of the Soviet Union

  2. Election of Corbyn

  3. Defeat of Mitt Romney by Obama

  4. Impeachment and resignation of Richard Nixon.

Hard to know if #3 wasn’t the most important.

Just today it was announced a US corporate exec got 25 years for a cost cutting move that harmed public health. Let the good times roll.

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He just won his own party, not an election. I know you like him, but it’s too soon to put him in such a list yet.

Yes but by the response I can tell its already there. Right wingers paniced and threatening civil war, generals threatening mutiny and a coup. He’s already causing them to lose it and he has hardly spoken. The thieves are terrified, they know what comes next and that is their exposure and the mass realization of their loss of power and what comes after that. May he achieve every item on his agenda! Especially with regard to Blair/Bush neocons. Lets hope he rips out the surveilance state. Its like a British Napoleon has arrived.