Jeremy Corbin for Labour

Finally someone the economist called a closet conservative (apparently not) may head Labour that rejects austerity outright, Austerity was always criminal bs.

A good guy yes, but what’s the point. With Scotland leaving at some point, I don’t see us having a Labour PM any time soon.

How frustrating. But as some of the articles note his stance is not the fringe it is austerity that is rejected by the majority of economists as fringe and crackpot and clearly not working.

From the comments of increasingly discredited crap magazine The Economist:

“Without national and economic sovereignty, without disconnecting from the globalised economy, it is impossible to implement the social-democratic policies of the 1960s-1970s. Even if Corbyn is honest and somehow wants to disconnect Uk from globalised economy, the very powerful oligarchic elites and the city financiers will undermine him and topple him.”

Appeal to crime and criminality is all they’ve got. They also typically babble about capital flight which should be easy enough to block.