Jeb Bush needs to work more

Jeb is simply trying to shift the blame for the non contribution of his class through the rhetoric of austerity. Americans might have close to the longest working hours in the developed world. Is reducing work hours for the same pay and benefits that increases standard of living and increases access to work. Jeb is sounding like he will folloe Mondale with this brand of honesty. He’s just put himself in the same box as Trump with his true colors. Jeb and his class need to be put to work. W Bush apparently took more time off than any other president. They need to start justifying what they have.

During the height of the 2008 financial crisis brought on by Bush’s party I remember hearing an obvious white man getting very angry on public radio about how the average person should have to work two jobs for half the wage so that he could stay rich and powerful. This is the heart of austerity. They fraud and gamble away the wealth of society and we are supposed to work harder. No I personally don’t agree with the death penalty but entitled parasites like this are a more apt target than the average serial killer.

Mondale ran against Reagan in 86 on: “I will raise your taxes and Reagan will raise your taxes but at least I am honest about it.” Jeb apparently thinks vote fraud and gerrymandering will allow a parasite 1% to vote him into office or he his simply trying to find an excuse to get dropped from the race.