Jaxx wallet to add MaidSafeCoin (and many others)


MaidSafeCoin is on Jaxx’s roadmap to be added to their wallet. This will increase or exposure (although only slightly, because they’re adding LOADS of others too).

It’s good news also because it’ll make MaidSafeCoins significantly more accessible because the barrier to entry will be lower for newcomers. I’m assuming most here will be aware of the Jaxx wallet?

It’ll be fantastic to have more wallet options.

Shapeshift is available within the Jaxx wallet too, so maybe we need to get integrated into ShapeShift!

Edit: look here for Jaxx wallet: https://jaxx.io/


Thought it already was, no? I see it in the list of available coins in the ShapeShift mobile app, although it is currently greyed out.
Great news on Jaxx!

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Oh, OK. I had a quick look before I posted and didn’t see it. I’m getting annoyed trying to navigate sites on my phone, so maybe I missed it. I hope we’re on ShapeShift, because that will really help. I imagine there are people who’ve liked the look of MaidSafeCoin, but haven’t bothered to jump through a couple of hippos to get hold of any.

My phone keyboard put hippos instead of hoops. I like it so I’m leaving it there!

Anyway, I think loads of people will use the Jaxx wallet and it’ll make it really easy to grab a handful of MaidSafeCoins if we’re on ShapeShift. This’ll help to get our token distributed far and wide.

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yes, a universe of coins are added, almost like the whole Polo trading coins are included, good news nevertheless.

Yes it WAS on ShapeShift. Not sure why its not. Who is outreach at Maidsafe? Do we have official team? Is it time for one?

EDIT: Link