JAX Florida SAFE Pod

Hey guys I started the JAX SAFE Pod Meetup!

Not sure when to set the first one. Was thinking Wednesdays?

It will be here at my house, unless we can get bigger venues sometimes.

Looking to teach people code, find local dev talent and network to get SAFE out there!

Is anyone on this 2,500 person forum here in JAX / Orlando and willing to come to these?

I’ll definitely do much more networking here and find local devs. But the page is up so:

#Please join so it looks popular :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks @frabrunelle for joining!!! :smiley: :smiley:

@Jabba is that you, as James on Meetup?

Lol are u really in Jacksonville? Don’t get my hopes up LOL!

But thanks for doing that!

Lol, no not in jacksonville, sorry bro, although that is me. If I were nearby I would come visit for sure.



Oh you’re no longer living in SF?

Yeah been about 8 months now

Now we’re up to 17 members on the Meetup page! :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll just throw an event (maybe next week or the week after) either at my house or at the community center here and hope for the best!

Maybe a Thursday during the update & conference call? to make it more accessible to everyone online


Got 38 new likes this week on the JAX FL MaidSafe Pod FB page??

Mostly from south & southeast Asia. Cool!

Just too bad they probably won’t be attending our meetups :,(


Almost seems like someone’s buying likes for our JAX MaidSafe FB Page?

So many people from overseas (mostly India) are liking the page but none have ever attended our meetings.

It seems like bots. It’s a compliment, but wondering if anyone knows what’s going on?

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Maybe the AIs like SAFE

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