JavaScript Client

Would it be possible to make a JavaScript client for MaidSafe. What I mean by JavaScript client is a client that will run in a web browser so access the SAFE network with a regular web browser such as Chrome. This could be very useful for example to use MaidSafe as a CDN for a traditional website or just to access MaidSafe apps without having to download a client.

I know there is some bittorrent clients written in JavaScript using WebRTC, so I was wondering if something similar could be done for MaidSafe or if there are any plans to develop it.


I don’t think it’s feasible without using a plugin or something like that - because I don’t think a client in javascript alone would have access to the low level network features required (though I’m not certain of that so someone with more knowledge might confirm/correct this).

And if a plugin is needed, well it defeats your objective.

As for whether it would be good to do if you could - well it’s also not very aligned with the objectives of the project. It would be OK as a side-effect, but it’s not a core objective I think (to support existing internet infrastructure).


Nope, SAFE network is made to be distributed and anonymous. There is no in-browser technology that can support this natively. WebRTC is neither distributed (by itself) or anonymous. Also, the browser is a bad development platform for those wanting the security features of SAFE due to the extreme attack surface. There are efforts to make alternative browsers were you still get the benefits of the web platform + SAFE without some of the security concerns of the traditional browser.