Java geek here who can help me to implement a b+tree? (help is needed urgent)

Hi guys,

anyone here who can help me to implement a b+tree in java. I need to write a methode which generates all inner nodes of a b+tree. Would be nice if anyone can help me, because I need this until monday. Thanks in advance!
Edit: Some code already exists so its not from scratch!

best regards

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It’s better to ask here

Good luck

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

No actually since it is for SAFE developers. @SmokeTM This is still the best place in the SAFE forums. But since you have already done it then see what happens. I won’t delete it there and see if you get a response.

You might be better to search the forums for people who have mention they do java and PM them


Thanks guys for your support. Did it because eddy gave me the advice. Ok lets see what happens :slight_smile: