Japan already has its own ICBMs

Japan has just been cut loose militarily. How long do we think it would take them to make their own nukes. I think it would be less than a year. They could probably have the missiles ready in a month. No need to start from scratch, they’d be free to rip off or possibly buy the best designs on the planet and improve on them. No one could stop them. They most assuredly already have that stuff in file format through espionage. They might just be able to straight away buy them from the US inventory. They’ve been cut loose for a while now. I think its safe to say they now have enough to light up anyone on the planet. That means expect fully electric Prius and vehicles from Toyota/Honda/Nissan no matter who gets elected in the White House. Hopefully that means game over for the Kochs and the right in the US, because it seems there is little doubt that a free Japan after Fukashima will pull the plug on global petrol/natural gas, coal.

I was expecting praise on the account of nuclear being CO2-free, but that will probably appear in Part II of this exciting geopol analysis :wink:

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