I've switched my default search engine to duckduckgo... so far so good

The following quote from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/10/03/when-does-googles-convenience-turn-creepy-let-me-duckduckgo-that-for-you/#47717a8a235e

the company has donated $1.3 million to privacy-first organizations. $500K of that was in 2018 alone, and included contributions to the Tor project, Demand Progress and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

If needed do you think duckduckgo would donate to the Maidsafe team?


No harm asking. If they agree, its free marketing too. Also some way to integrate SAFE with a current search engine like DuckDuckGo will be great. Will increase adoption tremendously. Or may be DuckDuckGo can also use SAFE once SAFE network is ready.