I've just bought some MaidSafeCoin, how do I store them?


I’ve just bought some MaidSafeCoin from masterxchange, how do I store them? From what I gather there’s no dedicated wallet.


How can I send my coins to an exchange?

You can ‘withdraw’ them directly to a bitcoin address;

In order to send them from there, Make a wallet on Omniwallet https://www.omniwallet.org/
and import the private key to the bitcoin address;

Note: You will need about 0.25 USD worth of BTC to send MaidSafeCoins for each transaction from omniwallet.

Use http://masterchest.info/ with the bitcoin address to confirm that those coins exist to the address, that the transaction completed.

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same thing for me. Bought some maidsafe coins on poloniex today, no idea how to get them out…

Safecoin Wallet

Great thanks for the advice!


Can i use any bitcoin address where i own privatekey?

Not right place ask, but if i buy also mastercoin can i withdrawal that to any my address also?


Sorry for the late responce
Yes you can use any bitcoin address that you got the privatekey too. I would advice Blockchain.info or atleast something with 2 factor Authencation.

Yeah but for this you need a mastercoin wallet find here