I've got the whole "Domain", "DNS", squatting issues completely and undeniably solved

So I don’t do any programming so stick with me here through the logistics of it.

So my idea is based primarily on how the i2p network does it’s version of domain registration and “ownership”. If you don’t know how i2p works and how they manage DNS truely p2p, you should stop reading here and first go and learn how that all works.

So, that being said. Just quickly, in summary no one actually owns any “domain” name. Anyone would be able to create these “lists” (subscriptions in i2p) of “domains” and where they resolve. Ideally these lists would be mutable so that anyone could easily transfer or just delete their ownership of a name in any given list. At the release of the network the Maidsafe company could maintain the first and “main” list (subscription).

But as I’ve mentioned in other comments, any big name companies coming in want to have their name and not have to pay someone $100k for it. This solves that in the following way: This list mechanic should ideally be a module of the network, so that when safeapp creators make their app they will (most likely) be required to use this module so that the app can resolve “domains” to locations, and here is where an app creator, lets say Google, would create their own list in the network where they control the base safe://google name and people can create their safe://google/user/ folder there, with the app defaulting to using this list to resolve domains.

And then as I type this all I see the hundreds of duplicate and crossover problems pop-up but oh well whatever, if you went and learned how the i2p system works then start a discussion over here based on that design concept… Maybe this list system works but only one list? and in the beginning the maidsafe company oversees it? and later on it morphs into a fully p2p DEX of domain names?

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