I've been out of the install loop for months. What's changed?

There’s no more fleming-testnet?

Step 13/15 : RUN safe networks switch fleming-testnet
 ---> Running in 4ccdfa937616
Switching to 'fleming-testnet' network...
Fetching 'fleming-testnet' network connection information from 'https://sn-node.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/config/node_connection_info.config' ...
   0: invalid type: string "", expected a sequence at line 3 column 20


Testnet currently down. New, more stable, testnet coming soonish.

Does it still work like this?

safe networks add fleming-testnet https://sn-node.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/config/node_connection_info.config
safe networks switch fleming-testnet
safe node join

Just wait for the weekly dev update, which should be today :wink:


Some things have changed recently regarding network config and connections, and I do think we need to update and clarify some documentation.

I can help with this, but we need to get a new stable sn_cli/sn_api/safe_network combination first, which I think we should have soon.

If you want to make progress with your Vagrant setup from your other thread, I think for now you should stick to known compatible versions. Certainly though, that testnet doesn’t exist, and hasn’t for a good while.


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