Its puppet media not establishment or elite media

We have to get rid of sponsored phoney censorship based media as soon as possible. Its the reason for money in politics and it must be ejected as soon as possible. Sponsored media is simply not legitimate and it should no longer be able to hold itself out as such. Is not like tabloid media, its captured and has displaced the free media. Its true cancer that has reached a terminal point.

Sponsored censorship media is a symptom of money in politics.
The way to kill that off is to remove the money in politics, and that can be done only be removing the incentive, which is the role & impact of the State in economy.

But how do we get there. Lets say we have a hundred million well off American families. And lets say as a result no poverty but also little need for public services or taxes. These are people living free of debt and bills and with strong free spirits and a grasp of history. They are still going want to protect what they have and probably want a public road system… That means either donations or taxes. I think a million cooperatives could take us there and we might be able to support the rest on donations.

“There” in my case means free capitalism, in which people engage in voluntary exchange (something like communities) and where the government doesn’t interfere in their ability to earn and save result of their economic activity. Land in the US is fairly inexpensive. People organized in communities (capitalist, communist or any other) could organize themselves according to desired principles. It takes only few dozen homeowners from urban areas to sell their homes to be able to acquire a large piece of land that can be community (or privately, in proportion to their shares) owned and do their own thing.
But you can’t do that because the government won’t let you. You couldn’t live and work in your non-exploitative community without having health insurance, you couldn’t live in that state without declaring income tax (which requires you to earn US$), following State and Federal laws, etc. The problem is not that greedy capitalists care about 100 people not receiving CNBC programming or buying iPhones, but the State.

And so it’s probably impossible at present. State socialism or state capitalism are currently the only modes that the voters vote for (the two main parties).

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Sorry to bump this but something wonderful has happened.

Captured media firms are experimenting with pure add free subscription models. And coming back to life. Now these have been throughly corrupted entities but they are hiring investigative journalists hand forming direct relationships with their end customers. They need to go further and become owned by their end customers, but in the mean time eliminate all financial conflicts of interest and commit to never having ads again (sponsorship is the deepest possible conflict of interest) and never prostitute or theive people’s attention again. Over this we can get our societies back from the theives who stole it. This is the proper use of money. And with strong unsponsored ad free search (which this will lead to) you don’t need adds just high quality product info when a user searches for it on their own.

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