It's ok you can admit it


…your hanging out for what SAFE can do for global ‘NEWS’ because it’s the same in all directions (North East West South)



He said it best. Where is this world heading?


Curious to hear how you think Safe would improve news. The problem with news is that advertising money creates competition that ends with sensationalism instead of legitimate news. A fully open network doesn’t stop advertising. It might actually make advertising more extremely/rampant.


From what I understand as little as 6 corporations run all of the worlds media outlets…and that is what this clip really seeks to convey I think.

They effectively get to shape reality, the way I look at it.

I guess where I see SAFE being unique is censorship…there wont be any…and the diversity should preclude any attempt to utilize news for group think.


Kind of. 6 (it actually might be 8) companies own the majority of media, but they don’t really run them. Usually when we see these sort of goofy moments (there’s a ton of them all over YouTube), its because affiliate stations didn’t have the time to write segments, so they grab them from an Associated Press style source and regurgitate them. It’s extremely similar to when a blogger copy/pastes a story without crediting the source.

Most news outlets are looking to to sell ad dollars. I’ve had many, many bar discussions about which is worse: government control of media or advertising control of media. One can potentially shape the narrative, the other sensationalizes the narrative to such an extent that it barely represents the truth.


Yes that explains it very well indeed, never saw it being multi faceted like that. No wonder there’s a lot of heat around the topic of advertising in this place.

So how do you see a no control media playing out?


Finding a way for reporters to monetize on honesty. Creating a system where truth is valued over sensationalism. Journalists should be competing but the free market makes them compete for eyeballs. So the goal would be to find ways to make them compete for honesty.

Right now, the best news outlets are by far subsidized by the government. NPR affiliates, BBC, etc, IMO. I’m sure folks will disagree with me on this, but I trust those source vastly more than CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.