It's been better, but not great

… since the legendary Moderator in Chief retired from the mod team. Or maybe it’s just me. I muted this category so maybe I’ve missed all the action and numerous suicides that resulted from the mods’ benevolent involvement in this forum.

Still, I’m not complaining - I’ve said it before and it’s still the same: I believe the mods as the owner(s)’ reps have the right to do whatever they want. Respect the concept of private property.

Recently I engaged few aggressive (in their ignorance) ignoramuses and one of my comments was deleted because of its “insulting” content. I thought the ignoramus I was engaging was insulting everyone’s intelligence with his inane comments, but that’s not how the mods saw it (at least that’s how it tends to be when the ignoramus is a SAFE-friendly ignoramus). The terminating action (deletion) got 4 likes from other modes, so it’s clearly one big happy family!

As I said I’ve been feeling a bit better about the forum after the mod-hawk retired (less unnecessary friction, as far as I can tell) and I got into a very useful habit of immediately muting worthless topics, but one major issue remained, though, and that was/is the inability to tell it like it is. (Example: my deleted “insulting” comment from yesterday).

All right, I get it: forum mods are expected to promote SAFE, but in this ever worsening climate (which unlike the other has been completely man-made) I’ve gradually lost patience and now have no desire to invest time and effort in this community.

I’m not deleting my account (because there’s no such feature here) and I may even comment from time to time. I just wanted to put my opinion on the record and explain my future absence.

No don’t go @janitor:tired_face:
Even though you insult people, your honest (say what’s on your mind and let your sharp tongue do the rest).

Some things are worth being patient, maybe it’s time to think about your own apps running on the SAFE Network anyway goodluck bro :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, mods. Please don’t delete “insults” directed at me. I WANT to see what my usually intelligent but occasionally ignoramusoid detractors write. :slight_smile:

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Pick your battles and quit yer bellyachin’ :grinning: Some mod’s are cutting their teeth on this group and thats tough to do with guys like you and me who have a desire to slam a post- or have a bone to pick with an individual. Safe forum is not a popularity contest and who cares if a post gets deleted. If you have something to contribute - just do it. Ignore the a**holes in the same way they ignore you and me…(although we could use a middle index finger emoticon). You have a lot to offer and have made some great contributions. It appears the finish line is in sight and it would be a shame that your weren’t around to hoist the cup at the finish. Good luck.

Yes indeed, we are. We have group hugs, gossip and more ;-).

On a serious note @janitor I always welcome your posts, even when they’re full of sarcasm and more. You like to speak your heart out and that’s fine. If you think a government is stupid you just say they’re stupid and I don’t think anyone has a problem with that. When there’s talk about insulting then that’s pointed to other users. You might feel that they can handle it, but not everybody speaks their mind like you do. And we don’t treat your replies any different than other users. I’ve seen some of your replies getting flagged and a lot of times we PM’ed the other user that we thought the reply was okay. At other times several mods looked at it and find it was not okay and deleted and notified you. You can say things about privately owned forum etc. But to be honest, I and I think most others don’t feel like owing this place. I’m just volutenring here and try to be as fair as I can treating all users the same. I really don’t have the idea that you got treated wrong. And if you do, just PM @ moderators and make your point. It’s an easy tool and it’s used by others to disagree with a mod decision and sometimes we even set replies/topics back. I wouldn’t make it all so big in saying you (partly) leave this forum. It’s just a community forum with some simple rules.


You’ve got to admit @janitor, you do skate the edge. As mods, we have to mind the edges.

You make it tough because most all of your points are well considered, even when they do flirt with or cross the edges of the guidelines on civility.

Cut us some slack. We certainly cut you tons of it.


Aren’t janitors supposed to clean up messes? Not make a bunch of them everywhere every day lol


Crass yet shrewd. I for one will honestly miss you @janitor. Feel free to check in here or drop me a PM anytime.

Wait, @janitor Is leaving?? Why?

Don’t! Cmon man you’ve been here forever. There aren’t many of us like that. You can’t go!


Evidently, he said unpleasant things about me on the 21 thread that a mod deleted, then he went off to sulk. But I’d rather have @Janitor here than anyone presuming to protect my feelings like I were a wilting violet.