It's all go on the Solid Chat Gitter

I’ve been dropping in on the Solid Chat discussions a bit more often since the Inrupt announcement. There’s been an explosion of interest with lots of newbies arriving to see what the fuss is about. Good to see @happybeing manning the barricades and doing a great job in explaining the potential for SAFE in the privacy and personal data arenas and in collaborating with Solid.

I’m always struck by the vary basic nature of the queries on those chats. Part of me just wants to say ‘why don’t you just go and DuckDuckGo it?’ but then another part thinks this means there’s a need for some sort of high level explainer to lay out not just the differences between Solid, SAFE, DAT, IPFS, Blockstack etc but also where the potential collaborations lie and how the whole picture fits together. I’d do it myself if I had time, but I think a graphic would be really good. Would mean that Mark could spend less time explaining and more time coding :wink:


Quack it :slight_smile: