Its a good bet the coming Tesla Roadster will beat this years 918 Spyder

The Spyder with the right tester supposedly hits 60 from 0 in 2.2 seconds. The fastest Tesla S per Road and Track does it in 2.6. Apparently Road and Track who must have tested a Bughatti Veyron must think the S is faster because they said only the La Ferrari and the 918 Spyder were faster than the S. But of course those are completely impractical much lighter cars and likely in both despite being veritable race cars a lot harder to get that instant speed. For reference the S destroys Corvettes and does it without all the fusing and fidgeting. Its simply the fastest sedan ever built.

But the coming roadster will be much smaller and lighter and with out all the S’s weight will surely beat the current year Spyder. It likely won’t beat the its contemporary Spyder because that is likely to be a pure electric. You can see Porsche has already announced its Mission E pure electric.

There is no way to argue this. Electric motor cycles already trounce gas motor cycles and there is no way that will change, because the gas motor is obsolete fat.