It would be good if there were some "maidsafe for dummies" videos

i have been in technology but i am finding a lot of this stuff hard to understand. there needs to be more material explaining maidsafe. stuff that helps the average guy get familiar and confident, thanks,


Yes it would be good.

Unfortunately while the network is only in early alpha stages there is not enough of this material and it requires a fair amount of digging, reading and asking questions in order to gain the needed information

I know its not what you wanted to hear, but even from alpha 1 to alpha 2 there is a lot more material explaining things, but obviously not enough yet. It will come but like most real life projects the “project for dummies” documents/videos are made while the project progresses towards beta release candidates.

We’ll will get there and Maidsafe have been hiring more people in the last 6 months in order to handle the needed tasks for the documentation and videos.


If you are finding it hard, think about guys like me who are addicted to some of the forums and have virtually no idea what all the dev speak means. But we are sold on the idea and that the team will get thru to beta.



I know you probably already know about the MaidSafe YouTube channel but I wouldn’t be earning my corn if I didn’t put a link in here because there are a few intro vids on it.



Just to reiterate on what @neo said, we’re working on building out learning materials at the moment - as with all these things, we’d love the process to be faster but just to reassure you, it is an important part of our focus (and you’ll see more on this front relatively soon). Probably worth saying as well that with a project that’s so large in scope, it’s always useful to hear what specific questions you’re finding it hard to get answers to, so we can prioritise those that would be the most helpful first off - so we’re always keen to hear any suggestions for specific areas.


Thanks Dug. I don’t really need any material to explain how things work on a micro level. The existing videos are great and sufficient. Understanding how to use the beta version when ready is probably a good thing


thank you for your replies


It would be quicker to outline how to access and use the network than to rely on making videos for everything. Users could help too, by outlining their questions and requests for explanations. Maybe even making some bullet lists of (questions/instructions/explanations) will be useful initially.

FAQs are contrived, even if they are not faked outright. Explain the thing clearly, or get someone to do it. FAQs use two bullets and pompous acting to make one point.

Some people - especially the yoof - turn to videos first and will read a list of instructions or FAQs only as a last resort, so both are needed. Some sort dedicated place where requests for information can be made isn’t a bad idea. There’s always this forum of course and Telegram, but the number of repeat questions shows that things could be made simpler. Amazing how many people don’t bother to use the search, but I won’t go there…

A good FAQ isn’t contrived, but it needs to be regularly updated to ensure real questions are being answered.

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