It is time for ERC20 MAID!

What exactly is the risk I do not understand? We already have 2 projects on SAFE passed this way without a problem?

The bull market is here friend. I expect the price of MAID to continue to go down as people switch to profitable currencies, which will reduce the team’s resources and put unnecessary pressure to hurry.

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As above, questions…

It’s not clear if the suggestion is to convert all coin to ETH20 or a certain amount of burn. Would we lose access to BTC or how would price be bound?.. it might be a good idea but it’s not obvious atm.

You can trade on the ETH network with BTC without any problems on any Dex…

Yes ERC20 is so good that even Bitcoin have ERC20 token…

The project needs focus, and no new distractions.


Working and complete code is a very small part of the network…

There are people here who fantasize that completed code is equal to people running it on their computers…

It is absurd for such an important project, which is so close to completion, to have a community of 6,500 people in 6 years…

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It’s not absurd, it’s fairly solid… until product, to be expected.

The drive for this not obviously from the devs. If you are pitching in your capacity as admin, need to be clear about that.


We all talk as equals in the forum. The job of a forum admin is to serve the community. And this is an honor, not a privilege

Not a project I am concerned about Market value with until after the swap happens for actual Safecoin. Thats why I purchased, Kyber, Chainlink and Bitcoin. Cant hurt but seems pointless unless you want to pump and dump your ERC20s and have the value manipulated on 4chan boards.


Or another possibility. Do we want access to easy wallets so that more people can have MAID?


I voted for 1 Gigabyte = 1 nanosafecoin and 1 NRS = 1 nanosafecoin… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We should be happy that there is someone manipulating the Maidsafecoin price, make friends and family happy and buy them some of it at these cheap prices. :vulcan_salute:

I don’t know enough about it to add anything that valuable.
What I do know is the MAID market sucks, there is zero volume. It’s virtually non-existant.
Didn’t MaidSafe say they were not going to do anything other than code until release?

Seems this topic has gotten the attention of a few people though…quite a few long time lurkers pitching in. :shushing_face:


For this yes but only if they will natively support the coin swap on release and I don’t want any of that crazy third party exchange mess Zilliqa did with binance. Also doesn’t require an ERC20 token maybe a lightning network wallet, something with atomic swaps, non custodial.

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Each time this comes up it’s shot down. Usually with the same vaguely developed rationale. Too much risk, distracts development, only for profiteering.

Meanwhile none of that is or needs to be true, the price continues to decrease as people who would be accumulating it cannot do so, and the dismissive attitude makes a conversation about it hardly worth the effort.

It is time for ERC20 MAID! - #22 by anon57419684 is how I think about it, whereas It is time for ERC20 MAID! - #40 by davidpbrown is yet more flippant rejection.

It’s disappointing at best.


This again? MAID was in the top 70 a few weeks ago. It’s now bumping around 140s. I get that this feel a bad, but clearly people can buy when they need to.

I know that people want to see their investment appreciate, but there is no need to panic. The maidsafe team are on a good trajectory and the cash value of MAID is not dropping; others are just increasing.

MAID and SAFECoin will have their time in the sun. Once Flemming is out, there will be plenty to shout about.



No, we cannot.


On someone else’s back and a hundred blows with a stick are few…


Such as what I describe in It is time for ERC20 MAID! - #22 by anon57419684?

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Would you not consider ERC-20 widely held? I would say far more than OMNI. What I’m describing is a path toward an automatic BTC/OMNI/ERC-20 onramp to SAFEcoin built directly into SAFE, usable today, and something that will need to exist anyway no?

Admittedly that doesn’t require more than BTC and OMNI support so perhaps that would be the best place to begin, with adding ERC-20 support a secondary issue?

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Genuine question, if this is all permissionless blockchains, why does someone not just do it? What’s the blocker? It sounds like a simple and easy way to proceed with the idea.



We could do the work however would it not require official support? Someone could create a fake ERC-20 MAID however if it’s not ultimately redeemable for SAFEcoin would it not be apples-to-oranges?

Perhaps ERC-20 tokens could have OMNI token backing them via a contract rule?

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