Issues with MaidsafeCoins on Livecoin exchange

Been told by support on Livecoin that there’s an issue with nodes and my Maidsafe balance is unavailable to deposit or withdraw. Is anyone else’s account on there or any other exchanges affected? What should I do?

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this is what Support on Livecoin said

Support (assistant):
maidsafe have come problems with node, first we fix it and then enable wallet again.

More coins don’t work everyday because almost coins don’t have stable software.
Look this
If we public announcement for all coins that don’t work we will spam notification section.

What does this mean? It doesn’t seem like other exchanges like Polo are having these issues.

The stage of development the Safe network is irrelevant to the usability of the MAID Omni protocol asset, so they’re just making excuses that make no sense. I guess that support assistant isn’t technical.

Hope they figure it out soon, as unless there is a general problem with the Omni protocol, they shouldn’t have any issue with MAID.


That’s what I thought. What can I do if they keep making excuses?

Thanks David

Unfortunately I know nothing about Livecoin, so can only recommend keeping in touch and challenging them (gently).

Hope they get it sorted soon!

how much was your balance?

Was the “problem” solved?


I exchanged it to BTC, transfered it to another exchange and rebought MaidsafeCoins there.

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