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If this project ever works i will eat my hat.

There was supposed to exist emergent behaviour from certain simple rules. What actually has happened is that once actual implementation has progressed, said simple rules have been dwarfed by edge case code and logic.

To demonstrate the severity of the problem: The whole concept of data chains can be seen as a bandaid to fix the fundamental problems in the initial logic. Sure, it adds some features. But that was not the prime driving force.

Now you see they start entering the territory of nodes detecting abusive behaviour. How do you think that will work out once they realize that out in the wild there will be several nodes, all working together, trying to abuse the network as best as they can. Reporting false abuse cases, denying data to certain clients etc etc etc. It simply won’t work.

When node aging comes out he can start on his hat dinner

He hasn’t seen any of the real security parts of SAFE exist in the wild yet, so he’s just talking about how Alpha1 was abused, even though it was released before node aging etc and released in good faith to the community


You should let him know lol.

ok, :slight_smile: did ./…/./.,././././/./.

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