Israel keeping tabs on my hitbtc account for me

It looks like somebody from Israel (or somebody with a vpn) is keeping an eye on my hitbtc account for me. Fortunately my account was empty and I use a different password for my emails but still not a nice feeling. Only coins I buy are maid so hopefully it’s not a targeted attack. Keep your coins off exchanges!!!

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Surely 2fa would stop a withdrawl ?
I dont use that exchange, so dont recognise the tab. I cant see a heading…

Is that a logon tab? Attempted login? Or what? What am i looking at?

Sorry about that it has all my details above there so didn’t want to put them in the photo. That’s my recent log ins and I definitely wasn’t in Israel this week. Safe to say I won’t be using this exchange again.

I would be checking very carefully for keyloggers myself.

How would I do this @bones? I only use my iPhone. Thanks

To be honest i nvr trust my phone due to installed apps and only ever use my pc to check on exchanges.
Google it?

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