Israel demands world censorship

Okay I don’t really care where you sit on the whole Israel debate or this one. Censorship is censorship.

Those you cannot criticize are the ones who rule you. Also this is just another example of taking an extreme position and using it to invade everyone’s privacy.

  1. Censoship requires monitoring of content.
  2. If you can censor one kind of content you can censor all kinds.
  3. If you can watch one kind of activity you can watch all.
  4. This is a BLATANT disregard for free speech if not out right political manipulation, the hiding of war crimes and revisionist history. (As I said I don’t know what anyone’s stance is but the violation of freedom of speech is enough.)

Ironic really that this is exactly the kind of thing the Nazi’s did.


No one has to honor this demand.

No one has to cow tow to Israel’s demands in general. Strangely enough tho…