Isn't rewarding routing nodes going to be key?

(key to making an internet truly run by ‘the people’ and truly p2p)

Yeah. Farming. SafeCoin.


I meant nodes that route data. I am aware of “farming.”

In the Safe network, these are the same thing: vault = node = farming.

If you just use the network by logging into the Safe browser, you won’t be a node and won’t be contributing to routing, but if you want to farm, you’ll need to contribute resources to routing by running a vault.


So you’re saying that a routing node has to store network data to perform its job. Okay.

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The way I understood MaidSafe is that it runs on user computers who store each others data, BUT the infrastructure of the internet that gets data from computer A to computer B remains the same. By “routing node” I was referring to the nodes in the infrastructure of the greater internet.

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In that case, yes, rewarding internet service providers will be absolutely critical to the Safe network, and for now, this is simply done through existing markets for ISPs. Safe will work on top of the Internet services from current providers.

There has also been talk of the Safe network incentivising it’s own service prividers through some kind of mesh-net that doesn’t rely on existing infrastructure, which could be very interesting, but isn’t on any current roadmap, so just ideas at this stage.

Safe could in theory reward those who provide network links & bandwidth to a completely new Internet infrastructure, and incentive structures could incentivise the growth of this network plus strengthening any weak links.

There are some good discussions around this if you search the forum for mesh, including the following topics:

Edit: link - Mesh - Libernet - A decentralized global mesh communication network

Here David Irvine indicates he would like this to happen once the network is stable (see second comment on this thread).

More good discussions here: SUGGESTION: Funding Our Own Hard Network (Mesh?)

Hope this gets picked up again following network launch - could be very interesting.


Wow! Good info. Cheers David.


Just to add

Existing ISPs are paid by the customers in money, so they don’t need any incentives from the network as that would be double dipping.

But as David says it would be cool to have new internet/mesh providers paid by the network instead.


Another way of looking at it is that the resources one must provide in order to farm safecoin are storage, cpu AND bandwidth for connecting to other nodes over whatever means are available.