Isn't maid safe just a more expensive version of the internet?

So if I understand this right…in order to upload pictures onto a website via the maidsafe network once you have already allocated the storage on your computer you will have to ‘pay to put’ which essentially means you will have to pay to upload pictures that you currently do not have to? Does the maid safe team really think that majority of the population will be happy to pay for a product which they already have for free. Whilst I can see some perks ultimately I think this version of the internet is just a more costly version albeit with the added benefit of privacy which lets face it most of us couldn’t care less about (if we’re going by the amount of information people share on their Facebook accounts. Thoughts?

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If you share a portion of your extra hard drive space with the network, this will offset a large amount of cost for uploading.
You will earn money for sharing your hard drive that you can then use to save data to the network, which can substantially reduce the cost (to $0 hopefully!)

The Safe Network will also not sell your data, your viewing history, your personal information or you texts/email with anyone, because they will not have access to a lot of it. This will increase your security and privacy online while reducing ads and click bait making the overall experience that much better!!


So based on the the small proportion of storage i allow the maidsafenetwork to use you seriously believe that for the next 70 years of my life I will have enough ‘safe coin’ to not have to pay for all of the information i upload…pictures, videos, blogs? I seriously doubt this will be the case.

My understanding is that there are two types of data that can be stored on the network, public data and private data.

Public data that is shared with everyone such as pictures and posts, etc. will have little to no cost to share (I believe public data is free, but someone please let me know if that has changed)

Private data is data that only you would have access to, similar to a DropBox type cloud storage. This would have a fee for storage which is projected to cost less than the current services such as DropBox, etc.

The good thing about this is that with a cloud service now such as Apple or DropBox or Instagram, the company stores and in some cases owns your data…or at least the rights to use it as they see fit…

With the Safe Network YOU own your data, no one else can see or have access to it.


A good thread that may have some more info/answers for you would be this one…

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But what about the large percentage of users that don’t currently use drop box? If everybody wanted to pay for uploading info to the internet everyone would be using dropox and currently less than 1% of internet users actually use dropbox

Yes :smile: because on SAFEnetwork you pay once, and that’s it. There are no recurring charges.

There are many benefits to SAFEnetwork even in its simplest form, but as it is a platform, these will add to its attractiveness.

For many, though not necessarily for you, being able to upload information for a small one-off charge (and being able to pay for that by participating in the network if you prefer not to pay cash), and then have the benefits you mention is very attractive. That’s why there is such a large and enthusiastic community here. I recommend you investigate a bit more - and continue to ask questions like this - because the features and ambitions of the project are impressive, at least to those here who have learned about it, and asked this kind of question in the past.


Storage gets cheaper and more abundant so as time goes on you’ll easily be able to allocate more space to the network for others to use increasing your safecoin rewards. If you store more than you share then yes you’ll pay for that (at a competitive rate)but you also have files saved in such a secure way and redundant copies are kept so data loss is not an issue, that those reasons give good enough incentive for me to want to use it. You will be able to log on to the network on any device any where in the world that has the client installed and an Internet connection. And safecoin is untraceable digital cash. And I believe you only pay to put private data not public. I may be wrong there don’t quote me on that.


Well I suppose if you are not currently storing data online with a dropbox type service than the cost of using the network would be even less. If a user is only uploading publicly shared data like videos, blogs, websites, messaging, etc…then their cost to use the network would be very very cheap indeed!


How can publicly shared data be stored for free/at no cost? Someone has to be paying for it…


That is the magic of decentralized storage!

Someone is using the hard drive space you are sharing and you are using the hard drive space someone else is sharing!

@dirvine or @nicklambert my be able to provide some additional insight…and as @happybeing mentioned there are several great documents and discussions addressing some of the features and functions of the network already in this forum…so feel free to explore!


You are paying for it with the hard drive that you purchased, and put into your expensive computer, connected to the internet connection that you pay a monthly fee for, and the electricity you feed into it.

So yes, there are costs, but you have already paid them.

SAFE isn’t really attractive to store for “fluff” data on it. SAFE is useful to store data on that you really care about, i.e. you either want to keep it (or your identity) private and/or you really don’t want to ever lose it.



If you put data over the clearnet, the ads and servers gets money off of said data. They provide you “free storage” in exchange of value of your information. Storage < Information. Storage is cheap, information is not. The information compensate the storage cost, and possibility profits from it.

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lol this guy ain’t ever going to be convinced it looks like. Pretty much the very last things in the entire world that I would ever think of are bouncing around in his brain for some reason. Who doesn’t just get it, I mean seriously? Seriously!? Who cares about costs? If something is even slightly wrong in that regard, the team (or anyone; humanity) will look at changing it. Meanwhile, you get a revolutionary technology with so many positive facets: perfect virtual/digital cash; an entire place for you to put your stuff, forever, and ever, 10,000x better guaranteed to never be compromised by crashes/raids than anything else; no malware; perfect privacy/encryption.

The majority were DUPED! into not caring about their privacy, a la Facebook. Yet if you talk to people on the streets, a large percentage of people (depending on the many places where you may live) are now aware of Facebook’s absolutely ludicrous designs to profit via the most evilly devised tactics of deceptiveness (this is pretty much the crux of anything being considered evil, or devilish). So good job defending that indifference, asshole…! (Sorry. Insulting on the Internet is dumb.) Some out there may express aloofness as well, but part of them realizes something… is wrong. And if they consider the expansive array of great features of SAFE, they will, again, Not Care about extra cost.

Ultimately, any additional costs will be creatively outweighed, by understanding more about the system itself. Some people will pay a lot more than others, simply because of their lifestyle, inability to frugally divide themselves, etc. It’s a wide range of input from everybody.

Also: what Grizmoblust said.

I believe @Natalie_Bertoncello was just looking for some info as a newcomer to the forums, there is no need to say that what someone thinks is dumb and they are hopeless because they do not see the same value in the network at first glance that we who have been here for months or years are able to grasp.

Breaking the FB curse of people not caring about what is done with their data will take patience and education…some may not even realize what they are giving up every day in privacy until we can inform them that there are better options (or at least different options) available to them such as the SAFE Network.


Well in terms of what people are sharing on the net that they don’t want to be accessed…what info is this exactly?

This would be things like your current location, your browsing history, your shopping purchases, your credit card numbers, your social security numbers, your bank account information, your address, your friends addresses, your private pictures, your medical records. etc…


i meant I was sorry, not “sorry ur being insulting lemme insult u lol”

credit card numbers? how are these shared?