Isnt dangerous that programmers arent(?) anonymouse?

When network will be started (but not finished to 100%) and if it get hype, then programmers will be arrested because anonyme network etc (like person that created own currency in USA), change my mind :smiley:

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hello crypt idiot!

this is a valid concern BUT there is a big but(t)

maidsafe is doing it completely legal, like there is talks how to include filtering of the content so the safe network will be legal in every juristiction


I just hope the team have some good lawyers on standby because if/when it launches and works the way it’s supposed to their lives will probably get turned upside down.


don’t worry, it won’t happen in your lifetime.

Is this a serious answer? Was liked by @dirvine ? No more encrypted network of freedom?

I definitely hope we didn’t lose the “Privacy” and “Freedom” of the MaidSafe motto, and such opt-in “filters” are just encouraged to be put in place at the app level–like how Reddit has moderators–but also able to be turned off since we’re all adults here.

Read the forum archives for the past 2-3 months and you will see this has been well-explored.

Could you help me with a link, idk what to search for

Start here - or maybe at the top of that thread.

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Thanks, this is what I got from that (made this image to help visualize content filters)

I might have messed up where SAFE is in the stack though?

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The network sits on top of TCP & UDP. The network uses them to communicate with the data link layer to move the packets across the physical network


Would be interesting to see someone write or draw a correct version of my picture above then


It would be like a picture of the web.

Http servers (our nodes) running on top of udp->tcp->quic (evolution of web) and running TLS1.3 or HTTP3 (as we are)

Then HTTP Clients speaking to those servers.

The bigger difference is how our “servers” are instead autonomous nodes on an autonomous network. i.e. they just run and connect to each other, and operators don’t know or care what the nodes do and store. They only care they work and earn tokens for them.

The tech stack/structure though is a really simplified thing and we don’t need all the OSI type layers. We did those in the past, but in all honesty, they just mislead folk.


Thank you Mr Irvine