Is Zika Virus more pure BS?

It wasn’t long ago that vaccine industry got caught hoaxing swine flu. Then there was West Nile and SARs and now Zika. Zika says don’t get pregnant and it will eat your child’s brain.

  1. Japan was more aggressive than any country with vaccines and in finally dropped vaccines because its weak tech with at best questionable safety and efficacy.

  2. In the US there is literally a vaccine damaged kid agency that pays out for life on 35000 new kids a year and there has been a recent vaccine manufacturer loss in a court case over autism. The industry constantly tries to say this stuff doesn’t exist.

  3. This apparently inferior approach has been indemnified which given a sponsored media and for profit patentable vaccines means superior approaches are pushed out. The DRACO disappeared- it was phenomenal its gone. Collostrums are all but illegal but nothing could be more natural. Its a stupid as making a weed illegal.

  4. These drug pushers can now put parents in a prison situation if they don’t have sufficient means and don’t let these thugs have access to their children’s blood streams to fill the kids up with hundreds of what amount to untested drugs for state mandated profit.

  5. Then we have to put up with these native ads for this crap where they tell lies to try to terrorize people into accepting unnecessary dangerous products. This is their marketing. We can’t back out of this because it would discredit the medical industry but its already been discredited with this sponsored medicine BS, right down to sponsored medical education. This all came out of allowing drug companies to corrupt media with ads.

This piece of crap industry and all of its corruption could not exist if it were not for sponsored media. Its lies would hang it.

I have many issues with this.

  1. If you toned it down a bit, it would sound more plausible; it wouldn’t make it correct, but at least it wasn’t this painful to read.
  2. Abuse of power by the makers of drugs doesn’t prove anything about the drugs themselves, only that the people who make them are crooks. My chef can be a jerk, but the food he makes can still be pretty awesome.
  3. The autism case. Losing a court case proves nothing medically. The vaccine v.s. autism study was admittedly falsified, yet people still keep getting back to it. There are actual studies about this study, one of which mentions “Wakefield had been funded by lawyers who had been engaged by parents in lawsuits against vaccine-producing companies.” So who’s the crook here…
  4. When did Japan abandoned vaccination, if I may ask…
  5. … too tired to go on.

I’m sure the testing of drugs is probably insufficient. Not as much as the testing of all the thousands of other chemicals we use daily, but for sure, they can’t be tested enough. Big money and crap, right. But let’s not say silly things just because there’s crap in the toast. My grandma would be long dead without the 7 pills she’s taking every day, all of which I know the important causes and effects.

Tim, 35000 new vaccine damaged children per year added to a government payout program for life issued by a federal government agency named for and designed for children totaled by vaccines- federal vaccine damaged children agency… Its like a couple kids per highs-chool equivalent destroyed for tech Japan concluded wasn’t good enough to keep after more experience withit than anyone else.