Is this project deserving of its "unproven" status?

Not being blockchain and not being tested to be proven in the field are serious mental roadblocks for the reason not to be taken seriously as much as the project should. It’s no longer a matter of proving if the concept works, but improving it.

I mean, getting vaults around the world was working a long while back, for a period of months, off and on. It was deemed possible eventually; vaults were working for varieties of times. And then… that was when key new areas of invention decided to take the place of tinkering with user vaults: node aging, section graphs, data chains, these all took to the foreground of development, instead. That is where we are now.

In a way you can think of it as Safecoin already existing, it’s just that close. The end all of concepts, data chains, has finally been completed, and MaidSafe would have to be bonkers to come up with even more security technology to code and integrate into Routing. At least that’s how I see it. Everything now is fitting all the pieces together via integration, and bug fixing—rather than feature creation—with a few exceptions such as Safecoin, which can only be created after fullest integration.

Thinking of it this way, the focus becomes clearer, not far-fetched. Almost as if the limit at this point is how much longer the team wants to make absolutely sure there’s no further attack vectors, beyond what is already crazy good. This is not to say that features like the browser can’t be continually improved after full release. Before then, it’s a matter of how much wants to be worked in tandem, for how fast the full foundation of this behemoth is altogether integrated.

My point is that this technology is not something we are hoping will not crumble beneath our fingers every time it is booted, but something that is achievable… which was actually stated in a Dev update many months ago. So let it be known that The SAFE Network is as viable an option as Bitcoin for consideration of where to dip your toes in to see a new, much less stressful future.