Is this one of you guys?

SAFENet is mentioned as a data storage service in the new internet stack.

Edit: it was a recommended link on my Facebook page.


Am I just not seeing it? Oo I read sia and storj but no safenetwork or maidsafe mentioned Oo are you sure it’s mentioned?

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I’m suffering from the same blindness

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It’s in the image under “storage,” which leaves me thinking a comment on the article is on order to set the record straight that the scope of Maidsafe’s SAFEnetwork far exceeds mere data storage. Isn’t the SAFEnetowrk supposed to be addressing the lowest level stack of the internet? Correct me if I’m wrong.


The block diagram mentions maidsafe underneath ‘Storage’


It’s on the image labeled ‘The web 3.0 abstracted stack’.

It’s just the word ‘maidsafe’. Not a big mention, but a mention nonetheless!

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Haha thanks! Good spot! xD

I think maidsafe and safenet should be mentioned in most of the boxes in that diagram.
Anyone linked to this forum yet on the comments section?

Edit: I see someone has linked to the primer, wow!


I thought it was an interesting read. But since the author of the article is about 12 years behind dirvine in sentiment, I’ll offer this under “fair use” for educational purposes:


Pretty accurate, except off-chain computing won’t be available in version 1… the rest should be, which is very impressive & demonstrates the scope of the project.

This post needs to be linked to from that article.

I guess one way to look at it then is that if alpha-2 is version 0.2, beta might be v0.5, so launch comes at v0.7 … or v0.8 :grin:


I posted a link to the primer document on the original Facebook story that was recommended this to me. It was then flagged as spam. I think that was unreasonable if the author mentioned maidsafe they should be happy for that link to be posted.

Here is the Facebook story page.

Edit: I could argue that the stroy was spammed at me, but I thought I would interact constructively. Damn… Hurry up SAFENet, need a fair network and “Facebook” yesterday.

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Don’t worry, Safebook or Cafebook is coming… still not sure if I’d use it though… forums like this are so much more constructive.


Time to fight fire with fire. Tweeted @jlpell’s wonderful graphical correction.

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