Is this forum discoverable?

When I go to, and click on MaidSafeCoin, I am presented with an option to go to the official website for the coin, which is

Once I am there, I cannot find a link to

In fact, Google tells us that such a link doesn’t exist anywhere on the site.

We can then ask google, where on the internet there are ANY links to this forum, and we get some hits, but paging through them, it does not appear like there’s a very well defined path to our door."

Are we purposely in stealth mode at this time? I can understand there may be reluctance to have a huge set of trolls descend on the forum. But another viewpoint is that the forum provides a “sign of life” that a dead webpage does not provide, and so providing a path here for newcomers will promote public awareness that this is an active project.

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There is a link to in the footer at the bottom of each page (the icon on the left):

There is also a link to on CoinMarketCap. You need to click on “Message Board”.

A few days ago, I also suggested to @nicklambert that we should add a link to on the Contact page of (for example, there could be a section called “Community Support”).

I also personally maintain a community website called “” and it contains many links that point to For example, see this page.


Wow, talk about hidden in plain site. I couldn’t even find them after you told me about them, because I was looking for the words “forum”, “”, or similar.

Just like people get ad-blindness, and don’t see the ads, because we’ve trained our brain to filter them out, I have definitely filtered out social media links to the point I don’t even see them.

I would strongly suggest using actual words, instead of mysterious icons.


Yeah, the icon on the left looks like a chat. I know it is similar to the discourse logo. Myself personally, I only found out what the discourse logo was when i met the team. And that was after being a regular user on the forum for close to two years. Words would be helpful, would help the seo too i think. And do newbies know the slack logo? Looks like a hashtag which could be a number of things.

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I’ve raised some Jira tasks for this @Tom_Carlson. We’re going to update the contact page as well as adding a link to the forum within text at the top of the homepage. These should be live in the next couple of days.


I appreciate the post. Day one in the SAFE network. Looks awesome so far. Real people with cool ideas. Best of keeping our stuff SAFE, immudoug

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