Is this essay talking about the Safe Network?

As I read the following thought-provoking essay, I couldn’t help but think how the Safe Network along with Safecoin could very well fit the idea being proposed here:

Why Everyone Missed The Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency


Interesting and he talks of everyone participating in the “mining” (a few minutes every so often) to help secure the network still seems to be thinking in terms of blockchain as the network. I gather this because he never gives a practical reason for the network other than the network’s own existence. Such a waste of resources.

Whereas, as you suggest, SAFE will provide income for those who do something useful, so rather than supplying income for nothing (other than moving/securing the money) SAFE will be proving income for people securing and storing the greatest commodity in the world today - data.


If you look again you’ll notice the author didn’t think a Universal Basic Income would work using the old financial model and socialist systems, but that the concept could have legs with a distributed crypto as he suggests.

As I read this I couldn’t help think of Safecoin and farming and how it almost fit the description of the ideal crypto he was proposing.


Ive sent him a note on messenger asking him if he has heard of Maidsafes SAFE net because it is pretty much what he describes.

You guy should have a read and holler at him. He seems like a really smart dude and i’d love to hear his opinion on SAFE at the very least.

Well you should of continued reading because that’s not what he’s talking about. He is talking about SAFE net.

For those that don’t know this guy is a pretty well known Author as well as an engineer if I recall.

To be honest, the reason why I like SAFE net is because it does sound like some kind of cryptocommunism to me – at least, if we go by the original definition of communism:

A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property

The SAFE Network is a system that is characterized by the fact that WE, the Users, have collective ownership over all the data! No big corp, no big government, a network by the people for the people :smiley:

I can definitely see some parallels between the theory of SAFE and the idealistic vision of communism

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I see what you’re saying but we don’t need to connect the definition of commy crap with SAFE. We already define what SAFE is.

MaidSafe = The New Decentralized Internet. Distributed platform enables the creation of fast and secure applications that help ensure digital privacy, security and freedom for all.

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And there was me hoping to get paid for filling get requests.

Wow I like your description!

What these models do is bring back a homestead. If there is no basic opt out on point of biological need most people become slaves to money and lose their volition. Reinforce this power with the power of the database and its oppressive power so complete as to be unimaginable. But people only think in terms of multiplying families using resource and not contributing until we run out of space.

I think we should start with opt in (homestead virtual BI) each of us as a basic veto on coercion. Coercion only goes so far when people have a real alternative. It puts a limit on someone else trying to enrich their life experience at the expense of your experience. And psychologically that never works out anyway it enslaves those who engage in it projectively.

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