Is there still an appetite for SAFE Network-based website publishing tools?

I think that’s what the browser does for the moment due to the same reason, I mean when you create NRS names with the browser.

Where would you prefer issues reported, here or on ?
Got a path problem when I install.

Straight in Github is fine :slight_smile: That being said: it’s not even close to being ready for users to install at the moment, it’s basically a wrapper Vue app. It’ll be a couple weeks before there’s anything substantial to be worth you fiddling with.

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I’m sure as it gets closer to being useable, the docs will make it clearer for numpties that having cloned the git repo, you need to

cd Phantom
cd www.phantom
npm install
npm run serve

which gives this …

which is nice :slight_smile:
and I’ll play about with it a bit more once I have read more about Vue.

It’s amazing what RTFMing carefully can do for you :slight_smile:


Glad you got going @shane!

Just to add on to what @bochaco said, you’ll be able to query for the current user eventually (at the mo in the browser we just write to the filesystem; if you want to reuse that list the meantime, it’s stored in the user’s app folder for electron mysites.json), you may be able to find the sites another user decides to make public via querying their safe-id down the line, if they decide to make them public.

So it’s not impossible to find out ‘oh cool, gabriel has these sites he made public’, that’ll probably be pretty easy. But in terms of NRS domain -> user, that would also only ever be opt in.


Would it be possible for different SAFE ID’s to publish to a public smart folder, still able to be queried by anyone, without it being owned by any app? If labeled content was indexed under an unowned or immutable public smart folder I imagine that querying it by individual apps or search engines would be easier for content discovery with the major benefit of not being owned by anyone yet accessible to everyone.


I think such things would be possible yep. I believe @david-beinn has touched on this with his search topic.

Have a read over there @Nigel , there’s some interesting ideas!