Is there anyway we could offer invitation tokens for people that post on the Reddit Safe Network forum?

Maybe an idea already explored, but I’m just wondering if it may get a few more people trying out Alpha 2 and get some more action on the Reddit?

Maybe if they subscribe as well as make a few posts?

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Not a bad idea. Problems I can see is that it would have to be a manual process and requests could come in 24x7. Also how can we tell that the person is who they say they are? There might also be a run of basic questions on the forum because people haven’t read the introductory posts here first.


Not sure exactly, but could there be a way to run a script / bot that sends the user an invitation token if they post in the forum a number of times and / or subscribe?

Doing it manually is obviously not workable.

You could maybe have a pinned invitation token thread, and if you comment INVITE a bot can send you a code to their inbox. Probably best to also have a certain level of karma, so it doesn’t get spammed with new automatically created accounts.

The new tipping currency. Move over doge coin.
Worth tipping at $0.20 eh?


We need a maidsafe tipping bot.

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The invites are only for the next testnets/alpha(s) and it seems the dev team feel we have enough testers with the people in the forum. The testnets/alphas are not for marketing and are only for testing the components in a wider field.

So my guess is that the extra effort to enable invites to other forums (reddit) is not worth it for the intended purpose of the invites, since the invites will be phased out for the betas where it will be real interesting and useful for some marketing.

Also they can join this forum spend an hour reading and join in the test if they really want to aid in testing. But of course they may get turned off when the test nets are not a good reflection of the final network as the betas will be.


You are maybe right that it’s not intended to help with marketing, but surely there are benefits to getting more people trying it, maybe building on it and giving the whole project more exposure? We are potentially not seeing beta for another 12-24 months, and in that time we could have grown a huge amount of users and community members.

Anyway, it was just an idea that entered my mind, so I thought I’d share it. I’m fine if it gets poo-pooed. I’m just scribbling ideas at the moment :wink:

Although I want to be spending more time looking into the technicals of SAFE and trying to build something myself, I am just sensing that there is a great opportunity at the moment to give SAFE more exposure, because many of these shiny new projects are starting to lose some of their shine after about a year or so since the ICO hype, and with the market giving many people a brutal lesson, it feels like some of these newcomers are starting to mature, learn more about the space and look out for the more legitimate projects… SAFE of course is a huge tick for those that find it and do their homework. Also the market is starting to show some signs of recovery, so it’s good if more people know about SAFE when the herd starts piling back in.


Definitely we want to explore possibilities.