Is there any plan about SAFE DevCon 2019?

Is there any schedule about SAFE DevCon 2019 ?


No, you can read more here.


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The answer is here.


I was just wondering about this myself as well. @dugcampbell, is the hackathon still going to happen? If so, what sort of scale is the MaidSafe team hoping to reach? Any light you could shed would be super helpful, and let the community know how we can support the event.


Hey @Sotros25, yes the plan is still to go ahead with this - we’re working on the details at the moment to hopefully confirm in the next couple of weeks. We’ll update everyone on this asap so people can make plans :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!! Thanks for the update, and can’t wait to find out more :smile:


On the topic of hackathons, I just found out that BlockStack is hosting one in Chicago next Saturday. I may try to check it out for reconnaissance purposes… Here’s how they are approaching it:


Hehe, picturing you like this:


So, I did pop into the Blockstack Hackathon. They had about 15-20 people show up. As suspected, Blockstack only secures the name of the location of (and maybe the key to unlock access to) the data, but not the data itself. You can thus monitor name changes but not changes to the underlying data itself. One of the shortcomings of every implementation of “smart contracts” that I’ve come across is there’s no way to ensure that the documentation (I.e. data)—rather than just the record of its occurrence—is immutable.

Things I thought worked well:

  • They provided tutorials for people to access weeks prior to the event and encouraged participants to familiarize themselves with the tech
  • They gave an overview: how it works, why you should use it, demo/example apps
  • They had people work in 2 hr blocks, with the opportunity to circle up to review and troubleshoot

My overall impression was as follows:

  • Another blockchain-based project promising what blockchain simply isn’t designed to deliver.
  • Seemed like a bit of a well-funded “bedroom project” with unclear real world value proposition.
  • Poor UXD.

I dragged along my sister who happens to be a tech consultant. Her question to me was simple: “What I don’t understand is: what unique utility is being provided by Blockstack?”

My answer? Not much.


Nice work supersleuth! :female_detective:

Pretty sure that’s the case. They make a big play of decentralised ID and authentication which would be part and parcel of this, one would have thought.

That’s the big one I think.


Thanks for the report!

In regards to this:

How much earlier they announced the event? Was it enough?

I wonder how Safe hackathon in managed now that things are moving in a rapid but unpredictable way.


As much as I’d love to go there, meet other developers and the team (I already made sure to renew my passport just in case), I think it is a distraction at this point.
There’s no need for a Hackathon/DevCon now IMO. When the MVP is released, then yes. Until then all everyone wants is the MVP, and no distraction on the way to that goal.

So I for one would be perfectly fine with them saying, “change of plans, this thing first”. :slight_smile:


I agree. Change of plans just needs to be announced in a right way.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: Cracks me up. Am going to borrow this.

Facebook Libra: well-funded “bedroom project”


I don’t think prepping for a hackathon is likely to eat up dev capacity so much as be a marketing project. My concerns are more threefold:

  1. Fleming should be released prior to the hackathon and with enough time for people to familiarize themselves with the tech.
  2. Marketing for the hackathon should start early enough to build effectual levels of awareness. That of course depends on what scale of attendance MaidSafe is targeting, (e.g., ~50 people, ~100 people, more?) and whether this will be all in-person or a mix of live + virtual. @Toivo, I’m not sure when they started marketing the event, but I found out about it on June 13 and the event was on June 22
  3. The incentives (e.g., problems tackled, winner’s purse, etc.) need to be meaningful. I think Blockstack awarded 3 winning teams $5K each.

If, IF a hackathon takes place , there must be provision for folks to participate remotely. Much as I would enjoy meeting other participants, no way am I going down to London to do so. Maybe if you chose somewhere more interesting - and possibly cheaper. And as @Sotros25 says, no point in it happening pre-Fleming release + 3-4 weeks min.